Star Wars Sculptures made from Upcycled Louis Vuitton Bags

Artist Gabriel Dishaw has created a brilliant series of Star Wars busts and sculptures that utilize old Louis Vuitton purses and bags that have been discarded by their previous owners in one way or another.

Gabriel Dishaw has taken his love for Star Wars to a whole new level with his latest work. While the Indianapolis-based upcycling artist and sculptor isn’t the first person turning waste into artworks, but he is probably the first to craft beautiful Star Wars sculptures out of old Louis Vuitton bags, electronic junk and other trashed material.

“The LV bags have a story. I was in Northern Michigan on vacation and came across a stack of vintage LV Luggage from the 70’s at a small antique store and a spark of creativity came over me. I knew that I could use these somehow and had to have them before I left. They didn’t come cheap but as soon as I got home I started the painstaking process of taking them apart. The process of disassembling is very important in my work because this is sometimes where the creative inspiration comes from as I examine the parts I re-imagine them as something else. Out of this exercise is where the first LV Star Wars Series came from.”

Gabriel Dishaw’s newest series of Star Wars up-cycles features three lord vaders, a saint-like C3P0, a Kylouis Vuitton Ren Solo, and a classic Imperial Walker. many of the pieces are on display at the Indiana State Museum Imax theater for the showing of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

These upcycled art pieces aren’t cheap, still most of them are already sold out. The prices range from $2500 to $7000. May the force be with your bank account when buying these sculptures. This although is way cheaper than the Louis Vuitton Toilet.


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