Porsche Mission E

When Porsche unveiled their Mission E concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September 2015, they promised that it would be available within a few years, would be a rival to the Tesla Model S in terms of range, size, and performance, and would be a “real Porsche.” It seems that it will begin series production as soon as 2019.

Tesla has been at the forefront of being the go to car manufacturer if someone wanted a sexy electric car. That may be changing soon. Three performance levels will be offered — 400 kW, 500 kW, and 600 kW. For those without access to a kilowatt-to-horsepower converter, those numbers translate into 536 horsepower, 670 horsepower, and 804 horsepower. As the electric car revolution moves forward, we need to train our brains to think in terms of kilowatts rather than horsepower, since kilowatts provide a better representation of the power of an electric motor.

Porsche already sells a sedan, the Panamera, but it’s not just modifying that car to create the Mission E. Instead, the Mission E will ride on its own bespoke platform. The bulk of the battery lies flat along the underbelly, meaning a lower center of gravity and, thus, better lateral dynamics. In other words, this thing is going to be fun to drive.

Porsche promises that the Mission E concept hits 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, 200 km/h in under 12, and that it’ll run a sub-8:00 lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

When the all-electric Porsche Mission E 2019 goes into production, 800 volt technology will be used. According to Porsche, it can drastically reduce the charging time: for an 80% charge (400 km range), the car only has to be connected for 15 minutes. At its Supercharger stations, Tesla uses 480-volt chargers that can provide its cars with around 275 km of driving range in 30 minutes. Porsche didn’t specify the size of the Mission E’s battery pack, but it did say that the concept offers 500 km of driving range. Porsche will use synchronous permanent magnet motors, which it says provide superior continuous performance in a smaller, lighter package.

The Mission E concept combined futuristic looks with classic Porsche proportions to stunning effect. Porsche boss Oliver Blume said that the Mission E will start at around the same price as a Panamera. The base Panamera starts at $85,000 and prices climb up to nearly $190,000 for the most expensive variant.