Best Buddies Bruce Lee & Freddie Mercury

Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury probably never have met. But what if they were best buddies anyway? Legendary martial artist Bruce Lee and iconic singer Freddie Mercury might seem like an unlikely pair, but in the world of action figures, the two are a hilariously perfect match.

Japanese Twitter user @suekichiii has taken a pair of action figures and turned them into a photographic sitcom. It’s simply images of Bruce Lee and Freddie Mercury action figures having the ultimate bromance. Each tweet tells a different story involving the two. Since they are imagined as roommates, Mercury and Lee play a lot of video games, and they have a good laugh together celebrating special moments. But once in a while they will play pranks on each other.

This series is similar to the series made by fellow countryman hot.kenobi, who specialises in putting all sorts of marvel super hero figures in hilarious situations.