Rolls-Royce Bespoke Three Axel Devil


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Vivek, an automotive designer from Bangalore, India, wondered what would happen if the Rolls-Royce-loving elite wanted to do a bit of off-roading. Vivek respects the brilliant history of the luxury manufacturer Rolls-Royce and imagines a three-axle specification concept of the carmaker’s Wraith model.

The rendering is, without a doubt, madness. The concept features four driven wheels on two axles, a conventional elongated wagon roofline, an upright Pantheon grille, and suicide rear doors. Unlike other six-wheeled productions, the front wheels would not be powered. Vivek wanted the vehicle to appear lavish yet rugged, so he used a 1925 Jonkheere Coupe to make a model that was dripping in old school cool. The result is quite a credible six-wheeled off-roading Roller that would undeniably find buyers, probably mostly in the Middle East, where it would not only be useful to conquer the terrain but also as the supreme status symbol.

Rolls-Royce has recently said that it’s interested in making more unique, coachbuilt cars like the Sweptail, this rendering might give a billionaire or two an idea.