Edo Ball by Andrew Archer

With his Edo Ball project, American illustrator Andrew Archer imagines the unlikely encounter between modern basketball and medieval Japan. An amazing and powerful series mixing two rich and distinct cultures!

Andrew Archer created Edo Ball, because he loved basketball and ukiyo-e japanese woodblock prints. Archer has been an illustrator since 2006 and has worked with an enviable list of the world’s most recognisable brands and publications, including Nike, WIRED, Sony, ESPN, Red Bull, Playboy, Adidas, GQ Magazine, Washington Post and many many more.

The illustrations portray Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns aptly as a wolf pack leader, Dirk Nowitzki as an Ikiryō or a spirit that haunts people, Kevin Durant as The Durantula, and more NBA-inspired pieces.

“The torii,” Andrew says, “is a gateway that signals the transition from the profane to the sacred in shinto religion. In many ways basketball is a gateway for people and their communities. The game offers a special sacred place to make friends, laugh and share stories. A place where people go to escape real life and come together as one to strengthen bonds and community.” Edo Ball is Andrew’s tribute to the game.


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via [ufunk]