LOVE Advent Calendar Day 18: Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid is the star of Day 18 of Love’s 2017 #staystrong-themed LOVE MAgazine Advent Calendar.

“Hi, I’m Bella, and this is hammer day.”

The video also features Hadid strutting around, re-adjusting her ponytail and red Agent Provocateur lingerie set as water from a mysterious, unseen source trickles from above. The young Bella Hadid, despite her tender age of 21, does not miss any opportunity to look super sexy but at the same time self-confident.

Speaking about taking part in the famous Love Advent Bella said: “I love beating the shit out of tires for fun.”

Bella also took center stage during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai.

LOVE magazine’s annual advent calendar is well and truly underway, last week saw Bella’s sister Gigi Hadid, Alexis Ren and Hailey Baldwin engaging in sweaty workouts, while Emily Ratajkowski rolled around in pasta and olive oil.