Visually Satisfying Compositions by Adam Hillman

Visual Artist and Object-Arranger Adam Hillman from New Jersey likes his environment neatly arranged. The artist has fun filling his Instagram account with colorful compositions, in which he methodically arranges sweets, pens, noodles, chewing gum or LEGO or whatever gets into his hands.

Adam Hillman arranges everything, from breakfast cereal, lit matches, Oreo cookies, avocados, Crayons, needles and pins, fruit, you name it and he has probably arranged it neatly. It is something about bringing order to a bunch of objects that is soothing, as if by organizing just this one little corner, the world has become a bit calmer. Arranged in an unusual way, we see these mundane things in a whole new light.

Adam Hillman has really stepped up his organization efforts the last few months, pushing his precisely organized patterns of everyday objects into increasingly more complicated designs.

via [MyModernMet]