All Time Greatest Airplane Seat – Emirates First Class Suite

Last month, Emirates unveiled their new first class suites on board the Boeing 777-300ER. Now, famed vlogger Casey Neistat is checking out the first class suite in his newest video, where he explores the majestic, ridiculous and an unattainable fantasy for mere mortals in all its splendor.

Neistat may be busy working with CNN and Samsung, as well as on his slew of other projects, but Casey Neistat somehow still finds time for daily vlogging. Due to his frequent travels, the famed YouTuber also continues to crank out his always-entertaining airline reviews.

Neistat recently flew from Brussels to Dubai on an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft. He was sat in one of the airline’s exclusive private suites, which he calls the “all-time greatest airplane seat.”

In the video, Neistat can be seen in a super-luxe, private cabin big enough to “fit a small family”. Other features include fully reclining seats, 32-inch HDTV and a full-fledged menu to choose from. “(The suite) feels more like a small but extremely elegant hotel room than it does an airplane seat,” says Neistat in the video. The seat converts to a flat bed with mattress, cosy blanket and pillow. There’s a mini bar filled with snacks and drinks and toiletries from a luxury brand.

“That really was all it was cracked up to be,” he says. “It was everything I ever wanted.”