Russian Model Who Suffered From Alopecia Now Has Become Real Life Rapunzel

Anastasiya Sidorova was one hit by a illness that can have a debilitating effect on any woman’s self confidence. It affected her hair, but she fought back and prevailed. This real life Rapunzel did not always have her pretty flowing red mane that she has now.

Anastasiya used to suffer from alopecia, and she has recovered to grow incredible long, flowing hair, resulting in her being called a “real life Rapunzel.” There are various different types of alopecia, but Sidorova was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia as a teenager. At 18, Anastasiya’s hair began to fall out. The exact cause of androgenetic alopecia is so far unknown, but many believe it has to do with stress. After trying and failing to make her hair grow, she visited a trichologist to see what she could do to help. The treatment that the model went through thankfully did go to plan, and her hair started growing again, prompting her to get into the hair care profession.

But those days are past her now, as she is modeling for Russian magazines and has even appeared in a commercial for Pantene. On her official Instagram page, which has racked up nearly 380k followers, she confirmed “Today I measured the length of my hair for the first time. I never wondered about this question, but there are a lot of questions. So, the length of the hair is 106 cm.”

Anastasia never straightens her hair, and she lets her hair air dry 60 percent before using a hair dryer on it. She uses shampoo with sulfates, and takes omega-3 and vitamin D. She also uses a keratin mask after every single shampoo.







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