The Largest 3D Projection Mapping Ever on a Natural Landscape in the U.S.

Celebrate this Holiday 2017 season in Sedona, Arizona and experience USA’s Largest Projection Show on a Natural Canvas – the Sedona Northern Lights Holiday Spectacular! 

3D projection mapping is about creating new worlds, where the images are lined up with the architectural lines of the buildings. “A merging of the real and virtual, if you will,” continues Bergeron, President and co-founder of PaintScaping.

The numbers are almost numbing. The size of the projection on Camelhead Rock is a whopping 600×400 ft. The projectors will be located more than half a mile away, using 12 32k Barco projectors. And it will be visible from the entire village.

Sedona Northern Lights will launch the 60th anniversary of the Sedona Arts Center. The show will highlight Sedona’s awe-inspiring landscape, and a thriving art scene.

Projecting on an entire mountain is truly a differnt experience than the inside of a church or the facade of a great hotel in Japan.

Teaming up with the city of Sedona, Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau and the Sedona Arts Center, the large scale, 3D show will be visible from all of Uptown Sedona and Gallery Row, with the projection mapping taking place on the hour, beginning at 6p.m. and ending each evening at 9p.m. every night from December 14-17.