LOVE Advent Calendar Day 11: Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is starting off the new week in the annual LOVE Advent Calendar Day 11. She embraces the calendar’s #staystrong theme as she throws some serious punches while working out.

“I’m Gigi Hadid. Today is free form day”

Looking amazing, the 22-year-old can be seen wearing a red crop top and cycling shorts. A detail of the video also caught the attention of the followers of the publication: visible armpit hair of the model. “It’s normal! We all have hair!” With supporters like Miley Cyrus, Jemima Kirke and Scout Willis, non-hair removal under the arms is no longer an act of pro-feminist rebellion, it has become just another aesthetic option available to contemporary women.

Gigi said about the video: ” It’s celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries. The LOVE Advent kind of feels like a holiday year book in a way. Headmaster grand style.”

Gigi is referring to Katie Grand, the magazine’s editor, who described this year’s advent as: “It’s festive, it’s fun and it’s everything we love about women enjoying being women, on their own terms.”

Gigi is the latest star to join the #staystrong advent calendar. Fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels already had their day of staying strong: Doutzen Kroes, Sara Sampaio and Taylor Hill.