Color Changing Pendant Light – The Color Swing

Italian smart home company Digital Habitats has created an absolutely amazing and beautifully designed Ambient Light Color Swing that changes the color of the soft hanging light to match the room with a simple swing.

The Digital Habits Color Swing smart light has been designed with customization in mind to provide users with a way to illuminate their space perfectly without the need for complex equipment. The hanging pendant light works by incorporating a series of sensors that allow it to change color depending on the space that it is placed within. The ambient light detection system allows it to instantly customize itself to the exact color of the room it is in to create a different kind of illumination that is more personalized.

The video above demonstrates the lamp shifting its light to match the two colors it’s swinging between: a red plate placed underneath, and a yellow car that slides into frame. The Color Swing works with an IR sensor at the bottom that detects the color of whatever is below it.