LOVE Advent Calendar Day 5: Slick Woods

Day 5 of LOVE Magazine‘s universally loved advent calendar is here. Slick Woods is the ultimate baddie for LOVE‘s latest Advent Calendar video. The 21-year-old model is known for her bald head, tattoos, and famous tooth gap.

“I’m Slick motherf*****g Woods. And today is ballet day”.

The steamy video shows the model in sky-high leather boots, edgy lingerie and a cropped puffer jacket, dancing ballet next to a barre. Slick, 21, who has rocketed to fame for her quirky look and no-frills attitude, didn’t leave much to the imagination.

In her final scene for the annual modelling extravaganza, captured by Phil Poynter, she told fans: “Stay strong, b******.” The end of the video features a quote from Slick reading “Now everyone can see what ballet looks like on the inside. Shit ain’t sweet, those girls are savage athletes.”

Love Magazine are using #StayStrong to plug the advent calendar this year and editor Katie Grand said of the shoot: “It’s festive, it’s fun and it’s everything we love about women enjoying being women, on their own terms.”