Japan’s Ultimate Wagyu Beef Bento

Lovers of good meat will drool in front of this Ultimate Wagyu Bento, a Japanese bento composed almost exclusively of Wagyu Beef, one of the most famous meats in the world! The Ultimate Wagyu Bento is filled to the brim with nearly 4,5 kilos of premium Japanese beef.

Japanese bento boxes typically contain an assortment of relatively light, healthy items like fish, vegetables, soup, and salads, along with small portions of rice, meat, or tempura. They are a staple of Japanese lunchtime cuisine. Usually they are homemade, but they can also be bought in stores for an average price up to $5.

Gochikuru has gone way to the other end of the price spectrum. Their meaty offering, filled with cuts of premium wagyu beef from Tottori Prefecture, which was recently rated as the highest-quality beef in all of Japan by the Wagyu Registry Association, will set you back 271,231円 (US$2,615).
The slices of cooked sirloin, prime rib, brisket, and tongue, are arranged over Kinu Musume rice, and the meal is garnished with dipping sauces, lime wedges, and wasabi.

Gochikuru is accepting orders from now through March 31, 2018 for this all-beef bento box bonanza.