Jarred & Displaced II by Christoffer Relander

The Finnish photo artist Christoffer Relander is in love with the graceful, simple landscapes of his homeland. After the very successful project Jarred & Displaced I, which was shown among others by the Institute of Finnish Culture in Madrid, now it is time for Jarred & Displaced II to hit the spotlight.

The idea remains the same: with the help of double exposure, Relander captures the landscape in a glass jar. The photographer started the project Jarred & Displaced driven by his “childhood separation anxiety” and the idea of being an “ambitious collector.” This is the second installment of the project, the first one portraying the landscapes all in black and white.

All works are intentional double exposures shot ‘in-camera’, meaning this project was not created or layered in external software like Photoshop. The resulting images are not put into physical jars (as is misunderstood sometimes); it’s two exposed shots that blend ‘in-camera’ into a single image.

All images by Christoffer Relander