Japanese Artist Makes Incredibly Detailed Paper Watches

Manabu Kosaka, an artist from Saitama, Japan, has a very special skill – he can recreate virtually any wristwatch model exclusively out of high-quality Kent paper. The results of his painstaking labour are utterly incredible.

Kosaka has been making these incredible paper replicas for the last 15 years, but while the extensive experience definitely helps, he can still fail countless times while trying to get certain tiny details just right.

Some of Manabu Kosaka’s most amazing creations include almost perfect replicas of iconic watches like the Casio G-Shock, the IWC Portugieser Chronograph, a Frank Muller, and of course, a Rolex. They all look simply stunning, but his most incredible achievement has to be the paper replica of the legendary Speedmaster, complete with a clear view of the internal mechanism of the watch.

He accomplishes that by first drawing the design on a sheet of Kent paper. Then uses simple tools like glue, dremel tools, a knife to cut characters as small as 1 mm, and tweezers for the right placement.

He does not only make wristwatch replicas, his other works like the replica of a Louis Vuitton wallet, a Zippo lighter, a vintage camera, and a piece of sushi are outstanding on their own. He uploads his products on Twitter and Instagram for his followers and you can see them for yourself to be amazed.

via [designyoutrust]