This Pole Dancing Mom is Fitter Than You

Pole Dancing is no longer reserved for strippers. More and more women are pole dancing to get fit. Particularly talented is an Australian called Angela, who calls herself Angelina Polerina on Instagram. Although she is the mom of three children, she always has enough time to do barbeque regularly, she is Australian after all, and to work out.

The 31-year-old shows an incredible strength when she keeps her whole body stable with just her arm strength and effortlessly turns around the pole. But she does not only do pole dancing she also practices yoga. With her skills, she does not only keep her 62k subscribers happy, but also the Norwegian company Aerial Lux Design.

She is a brand ambassador for Aerial Lux Designs, which is a Norwegian brand for pole fitness, aerial silks and hoops. They make clean and classy designed clothes that are good for pole practice, yoga, chill, aerial training and can also be used at the beach.