Incerdible Oil Paintings by Soey Milk

Hyperrealistic oil paintings show a world where realism dances with luscious daydreams in the work of artist Soey Milk. With an extensive color palette, Milk creates highly-refined works that depict ethereal young women, awash in dreamlike imagery.

The wonderful Soey Milk is a visual artist born in Korea and based out of California. Equally skilled at working in feminine and erotic themes onto her canvas, her work is defined by a strong imaginative core, full of celestial visions of beauty.

Her blog has caught the attention of several experts, and her works have been displayed in many exhibitions: founded in late 2008, her blog, named “Milk Bomb”, is a personal display of her works.
“I am a young woman who is learning more, every day, what it means to flourish into a fuller being,” Milk explains. “My pieces create narratives and symbols as they simmer in my daily life. In a way, they are visual timelines, as they set pins along my path.” The stories she tells are centered around the vague feeling of romance when the protagonists, truly alluring women, often pose alone in moments of pleasure or pain.

Every portrait is a fairy tale, a story told about the subject, who is always a fascinating but solitary woman. The subject matter presents a seductive and curious innocence that is a clear reflection of this talented artist. Sometimes playful, often contemplative, but always present is an essence of serenity and delicate beauty in these odes to femininity.

Work in progress on baby pompom 👶🏻💕

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What emoji is this 😧or😲or😯

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'Maji' finished♥️ 48"x36" | Oil on canvas

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