Vibrant Collage Art by Patrick Keohane

Collage art in times of digital art has made a huge comeback already a few years ago. Collage art on instagram has reached an absolute peak with a few artist standing out in particular. Patrick Keohane, revolvingstyle on Instagram, is fashion collage artist from Southern California, and his work is amazing, dreamy and sorta trippy!

Patrick Keohane was an art-history student at the University of California, Riverside. His teacher asked the class to make a collage, to learn about composition. When Keohane handed in his assignment which featured Marilyn Monroe, the teacher pulled him aside and encouraged him to pursue this kind of work further.

After trekking to the local barnes & Noble and picking up a pile of glossy fashion magazines, he starts cutting them apart and rearranging them together to form something original and new. “The secret is composition,” he says, adding that his mother, an art teacher, instilled principles of design at an early age. “I start with the clothes and see what vibes with it.”

His use of warm colors that surely have a nostalgic retro vibe to them, his choice of people he portraits as well as his commercial work are inspirational. Choosing women like Bella Hadid, Cher, Chiara, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus or Selena obviously adds the relevant pop culture part to it and is equally liked and shared by the ones portrayed.