Givenchy VR Goggles

Many companies like Facebook, Google and Apple are all taking their turns to make VR/AR cool. What would happen if the goggles were designed by fashion brand? This is exactly was this concept is all about by the Korean-based studio PDF Haus for Givenchy.

Created by designer Jae Hyeon of Korean studio PDF Haus for the brand Givenchy. Under this imaginary direction, by taking design cues from the brand’s use of contrasting elements in terms of material, color, and product characteristics, the resulting Givenchy VR goggles have a cool retro look to them. The merger of fashion and technology seem perfect in this concept. These glasses express the desire of the world of fashion to embrace the new AR and VR technologies, increasingly present in our daily lives.

The product features a VR lens which conveniently raises, allowing users to access the glasses AR capabilities. A type 2 design is also imagined, giving users a more natural design by using side arms more similar to a pair of standard glasses.