Toonimated Turns People Into Cute Manga Characters

A Seattle-based artists who calls him- or herself Toonimated is passionate about Japanese manga. The artists takes photos of young ladies as a template to turn them into drawn characters. Sometimes Toonimated keeps very close to the original, sometimes the artists adds interesting elements.

Using photographs for guidance, the artist transforms real people into an awesome assortment of cartoon characters. In almost all cases, the hair becomes colorful, sometimes the hips are more accentuated and the face rounder. All in all making the person seem cuter. Sometimes the artists draws what they see, and other times they add their own unique touches, adorning their subjects with additional fashion accessories like chokers and bracelets and sometimes even bandages and bandaids.

Toonimated is currently working on a comic that will be released later this year on Webtoon. The story follows an astronaut, knight, cave girl, hunter, android and several others, who find themselves abducted from time and trapped together in a bizarre extra-dimensional game. They’re forced to team up to defeat dangerous enemies and challenges as they fight to return home. Along the way, they unravel mysteries about the strange world, how they arrived, and who they are.

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