Magnificent Libraries by Reinhard Görner

Reinhard Görner is a German photographer specialized in architecture and fine arts. He has been working in the field since 1982, photographing both historical and contemporary architecture. For this photographic series, he travels around Europe to capture the majestic beauty of libraries.

These days, more and more things get digitized and less and less people go to libraries. A shame really. Governments still spend lots of fund to maintain libraries, especially those historical libraries. The reason is quite obvious, those libraries can be regarded as witness of the development of our history, culture and architecture.

“My purpose is always to open spaces, in each sense, visual, mental and spiritual. I want to transcend the people’s mind in a calmer, more creative realm,” Görner shares with My Modern Met via email. “If you look at one of my pictures, the world expands, tells stories and enlightens your everyday life. To photograph architecture is a question of composition and focus. When I photograph I am very concentrated and in a state of flow consciousness. I want to induce through my pictures a similar state of mind in the beholder.”

Görner’s photographs of over 50 extraordinary libraries show the mesmerizing symmetry and lush opulence of the book palaces, shelves stacked high with knowledge just waiting to be learned. Through his interior photographs, the viewer appreciates the space not only as an educational area, but as a work of art unto themselves.

All images by Reinhard Görner