Perspe by Gustav Willeit

Gustav Willeit is a freelance photographer based in Corvara in Badia – Corvara, Italy. In “Perspe”, he captures and manipulates landscapes, presenting uncanny views of natural and man-made environments.

The Italian photographer demonstrates post-production editing techniques to seamlessly reflect a chosen landscape, presenting a disconcertingly symmetrical vision of the actual place.

“The title of this series, Perspe, originated from a fragment of the German word “Perspektive” (perspective): a programmatic statement alluding to the composition work, which is based on a simulation that fully exploits the opportunities offered by digital technology. The artist traces an unnatural perspective, i.e. a perspective that is “ideated”, invented, that acts and creates “different” places by mirroring the image, thus reaching perfect symmetry often disrupted by a discordant element.”

While Perspe is characterised by this presence of perfect, unnatural perspective, Willeit destabilises the balance he has created though the inclusion of an off-centre element: a boat travelling past an island, or figures observing a monument. The photographer offers a surreal interruption of the perspective rules we take for granted, presenting an impossible view of the world around us.