The Swanky New First Class of Singapore Airlines

Debuting in December on Singapore Airlines’ Singapore-Syndey route, the company’s new first-class suite is a serious upgrade. Not only are the rooms 60% larger than the old ones, but they also include a leather recliner and a single bed—couples seated together can even double up and receive a double bed option.

Already a formidable provider of luxurious air travel, Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 is now more like a flying resort. It’s all thanks to a $850 million dollar makeover aiming to give customers their money’s worth while simultaneously making the best use of space.

Awash with supple leather, lightweight carbon and modern colour, the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 business class epitomes luxury. Divided into three aisles (left, right and centre), the cabin delivers copious amounts of personal space, storage capacity and access to the aisle. A flexible dining table makes airline eating a downright enjoyable experience. For entertainment, every customer has access to an 18-inch HD touch-screen monitor. There’s also a business panel with USB ports, lighting and other veritably awesome features.

Each seat is 25 inches wide and flanked by a supportive back shell to create a womb-like environment. When tired, you can recline into a full-flat bed for some next-level relaxation. Meanwhile, the seats in the centre aisle form double beds for all you businessmen out there kind enough to bring a loved one. They say the journey is better than the destination–Singapore Airlines is truly putting that theory to work.

The new A380s will seat 471 people. In addition to the six suites, there will be 78 business class seats on the upper deck, and 44 premium economy and 343 regular economy class seats on the main deck.

Singapore Airlines unveiled suites “for a distinguished few” with two pillows, a cotton duvet for a bed that measures 76 inches by 27 inches. The beds in the first two suites of each aisle can be joined so two members of the 1 percent can sleep side by side, forming a full bed.

They will also receive slippers, eyeshades and socks. The suites sit on the upper deck of the jumbo jet.

This update—which will ultimately be applied to 19 Airbus A380s—is part of the airline’s three-year plan to make it more efficient and profitable.