The Identity Collection by Alasdair Thomson

Edinburgh-based artist Alasdair Thomson’s latest selection of sculptures, “The Identity Collection,” focuses on creating realistic versions of iconic items from marble.

The Italian-trained Alasdair Thomson turns iconic fashion staples into marble masterpieces, and has recently unveiled three stylish works of art carved out of Carrara marble. These items consist of Chanel’s iconic No.5 fragrance, a classic white shirt and a Nike Air Max 1. Thomson names his pieces simply, with the aforementioned shoe given the moniker “Tinker,” while the fragrance bottle is named “No. 5.”

After studying Art History and Sculpture, Thomson began carving contemporary stone versions of everything from full length gowns and dresses to tailored shirts and popular footwear. Now his body of work is built around hyperreal recreations of clothing and accessories.

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