Paris Continues to Outclass the Rest of the World by Installing Sparkling Water Fountains

There’s no city quite like Paris. From the croissants to the Champagne, everything is perfect. The City of Love offers some of the world’s best museums, chic fashion, top-rated restaurants, and, apparently, sparkling water on demand.

Paris, discontented with the average water fountain of today’s society, is upping its game by focusing on sparkling water fountains dispersed throughout the city, for when you’re thirsty for the perfect bubbly.

While eight of these fountains were introduced in 2010, Paris City Hall has announced that it will provide at least one fountain dispensing sparkling water in every one of the city’s 20 arrondissements. “People often told me that they were ready to drink tap water if it was carbonated,” head of the Paris water board Anne le Strat stated.

A batch of nine new fountains will be installed by December, and the first recently arrived at Square Eugene Varlin. Called Fontaine Pétillante by Parisians, these fountains are likely to multiply all over Paris in the coming years and were originally introduced as part of a campaign to make tap water more acceptable to locals.

The sparkling water fountains will also remain free of charge. It’s as simple as walking over and refilling your water bottle. This will hopefully keep folks hydrated and reduce the amount of plastic waste in the process.