Illustrator Tomer Hanuka

“Magical realism” is the phrase that New York-based Tomer Hanuka uses to describe his own work. His work is playfully twisted and carnal, serious and thoughtful. He strikes an incredibly calm balance between the chaotic and the peaceful.

Tomer is a craftsman in control of his tools — both mental and physical. He can sway a moment into the frightful, the dangerous, the humorous, or the erotic. The markings of a storyteller.

Coming of age up in a tumultuous period in Israel, a now-established comic artist fell into the comic universe. “I grew up in a country that was born out of conflict. Where the prevalent ‘hero’ in culture was a soldier. Naturally, I looked for an escape and ended up consuming a different kind of macho fantasy that led me [to my current artwork].”

In many of his New Yorker covers the asymmetrical balance between two different people, two worlds categorizes the aesthetic distinction of Hanuka’s works. For more of Tomer Hanuka’s work, check out his website, as well his Instagram and Facebook to see more of his artwork.