Incredible Aerial Photography by Niaz Uddin

On his website, the Los Angeles-based photographer Niaz Uddin says he creates “awesome stuff”. Referring to his aerial photographies. And he backs his claims up.

Niaz Uddin aka neohumanity is a talented photographer, filmmaker, certified scuba diver and computer programmer currently based out of Los Angeles. Niaz specializes on high fashion, travel, editorial, nature, underwater, astro, aerial and timelapse photography. “I am an avid student of life,” he says. “If I am not taking photos or writing code or not working on video project or not diving deep under water, you will find me reading or listening to podcasts for hours!”

Uddin’s color-saturated photographs explore crowded beaches and remote tide pools, capturing each of the scenic environments from a bird’s eye view. One of my favorite images is the picture above, which provides a rare perspective of the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park. You can see even more sky-high images on his Instagram, and buy limited prints on his website.

All images by Niaz Uddin

via [colossal]