This Month-Long Timelapse Takes You Across the Globe

Jeffrey Tsang is a maritime YouTube vlogger, sailor, and photographer. He sails on a container ship that travels across the globe, and in his latest timelapse he shows you a wonderful journey across the sea. He put 30 days of sailing into only 10 minutes.

Get a glimpse of the Jupiter and the Milky way in the endlessly vast night skies, ferocious lightning storms and stunning sunrises. There were incredible shots of the mega Tetris game played out at the port, as the huge cargo ship is unloaded and reloaded for the next leg of the journey.

Watch this fascinating time lapse video that chronicles a cargo ship as it travels from the Red Sea to its final destination, Hong Kong. Along the way, he made stops in the Gulf of Aden, Indian Ocean, Colombo, Malacca Strait, Singapore, and the South East China Sea.

To shoot this timelapse, Jeffrey used a Nikon D750 paired with Rokinon 12mm f/2.8. He placed the camera on the ship’s deck and recorded the entire journey. He’d often leave the camera out even while he was sleeping. When he was on duty, one of the crew members set the exposure for him. It’s interesting that this video captures so many beautiful phenomena we often see in individual timelapse movies: thunderstorms, interesting cloud formations, sunrises and sunsets, and starry skies with shooting stars.

Tsang describes his experience of a 30-day journey in a cargo ship as “Chasing the endless horizon, witnessing the ever-changing weather, and appreciating the bright stars and galaxies.”

via [colossal]