Lifelike Insects Crafted out of Bamboo by Noriyuki Saitoh

Sometimes art can look so real, it’s hard to believe it was made by human hands. Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh crafts life-sized insect art made completely out of bamboo. The small, delicate sculptures are awe-inspiring in their attention to detail.

The incredibly talented sculptor from Japan creates intricate life-size sculptures of various insects. The artist uses bamboo as his main material and tries to create lifelike creatures. “We are not preparing specimens and replicas, we strictly measure the dimensions and prioritize the appearance, features, and senses rather than proportions being exact,” says the artist. Thus, the visual impact of these insects takes priority above getting the shape of the eyes exactly correct.

Saitoh shares his creations on his website. In addition to many satisfying shots of his work, he writes detailed descriptions about each creature. “We compensate [colors] with knowledge, experience, and imagination.”

Saitoh is active on Twitter and Facebook where you can follow more of his creations and see works in progress.

via [colossal]