Photography by Oleg Oprisco

Fine art and surrealist photographer Oleg Oprisco’s work is dramatic and ethereal; challenging the viewer’s perception of reality. He enchants with his vivid style of conceptual photography that places subjects in the middle of surreal and fantastic tableaus.

Oprisco is a photographer based in Lviv, Ukraine, whose magical, dreamlike photographs have been shared far and wide on the Internet. In an age where realistic photo manipulations are the secret sauce behind impossible images, Oprisco’s work stands out for one simple mind-blowing fact: they aren’t artificial digital manipulations. Rather than use clever Photoshopping, Oprisco carefully plans out surreal scenes and shoots them on film. The only Photoshopping that goes into the final images are color adjustments and minor removal of dust specks.

“Before shooting, I plan the overall color scheme. According to the chosen palette, I select clothes, props, location, etc, making sure that all of it plays within a single color range.” He uses Kiev 6C and Kiev 88 cameras with medium-format film and a variety of lenses.

Shooting with a medium-format film camera, Oprisco believes in creating his images in-camera, without relying heavily on the effects of post-processing software. Oprisco believes in shooting in natural light, and the payoff dedication to one’s craft: “Innate talent is just a 5% of someone’s success rate. 95% of it is hard work.” Oprisco teaches regular photography workshops. Have a look at his Instagram and his Behance portfolio.