Elaborate Baroque Paper Wigs by Asya Kozina

Following a similar aesthetic style to the ornamental wigs of the baroque and rococo periods, paper artist Asya Kozina creates ornate headdresses that pay homage to one of the most outrageous luxuries and stylized trends in history.

Historically, headdresses from the baroque period were worn by both women and men to symbolize wealth and status. They often contained embellishments such as sculpted fruits, flowers, and birds. Most famously probably is Marie Antoinette of France with her extravagant styles. Kozina explains that the elaborate wigs have always fascinated her, admitting that they make “no practical sense, but they are beautiful.”

Her series Skyscraper on the Head imagines how these outdated accessories might look if produced today, replacing the exotic fruits and birds of early centuries with airplanes, skyscrapers, and ferris wheels.

After the collection was complete, photographer Anastasia Andreeva stepped in to capture each piece’s beauty in a series of baroque-era themed photographs. Models of all ages were used, portraying an aristocratic family.

The project is a continuation of a series of Baroque paper wigs the artist began making in 2015. You can see more of Kozina’s life-size and miniature paper costumes on her Instagram and Behance.

via [designboom]