MB&F Octopod Clock

The latest weird clock-art creation from MB&F in collaboration with Swiss clockmaker L’Epée is the MB&F Octopod. Supported on eight spindly posable legs, it is a bubble-like sphere with exposed clockwork displaying the hours and minutes.

The MB&F Octopod was created as a concept by MB&F, but engineered and produced by L’Epée. Blending contemporary design with kinetic sculpture and a transparent bubble filled with precision horology. Conceived by MB&F and built by Switzerland’s premier clockmaker L’Epée 1839, Octopod stands or crouches thanks to its eight articulated legs. Each leg can be individually adjusted to varying heights, enabling Octopod to rest securely on the most uneven of surfaces, just like a real octopus.

The legs meet at a circular steel body from which extends a gimbal arm supporting the central glass sphere. The transparent sphere is gimballed in a similar way to how traditional ship chronometers were gimballed – although on one axis rather than two – so that they remained flat despite the pitching and rolling of the ship. In Octopod’s case, the gimbal ensures that no matter what angle or height it sits, it is easy to rotate the bubble so that the time display inside is at the ideal plane for maximum legibility.

All together, the MB&F Octopod is made of 309 parts, weighs 4.2kg, and measures a square 28cm high by 28cm long when in “standing” position. In “crouching” position it will be 22cm high and 45cm long. The “glass sphere” is actually two Polycarbonate semi-spheres joined at the satin-finished three-piece center band.

Octopod is available in 3 limited editions of 50 pieces each in black, blue, and palladium for CHF 35,000 or about $36,446.95 USD.