Google’s Pixel Buds Translation Will Change the World

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Google announced a slew of new tech recently, with one of the more interesting products being the Google Pixel Buds. The pair of wireless headphones that incorporate its voice assistant feature, meaning the wireless Pixel Buds can translate 40 languages in real time.

Not to be outdone by Apple’s Air Pods and their wirelessly-charging TicTac storage case, Google packed its headphones (in combination with the Pixel 2) with the power to translate between 40 languages, fast enough to hold a conversation. The company has finally done what science fiction and countless Kickstarters have been promising us, but failing to deliver on, for years. This technology could fundamentally change how we communicate across the global community.

Translation is just one of the smart features that the Pixel Buds offer. They are also able to answer phone calls, adjust volume, play or pause music, send and read out texts, and map directions – all without the need to touch the connected phone.

The Pixel Buds come in three colours – black, white and blue. They are designed to match the company’s Pixel 2 mobile phone, also unveiled at yesterday’s event. When released in November, the headphones will be priced at $159.