Archisexture – Suggestive Collages by Scientwehst

On Instagram, the American artist Giulia, aka @scientwehst, amuses herself by circumventing censorship with highly suggestive collages, mixing female bodies and photographs of architecture. An amazing encounter between the flesh and the concrete, between the organic and the mineral, which makes us discover a seductive facet of the world that surrounds us while denouncing the strict policies of censorship of the social networks.

Instagram is notorious for having a no nudity policy on their social network. Artist provocateur @scientwehst knows this only too well as she has had her artworks pulled and her accounts shut down after some prude was offended by her erotic collage. Her collages often display the female body in erotic positions overlain with images of architecture, oftentimes of churches.

“It started with me creating random pornographic collages where I would replace genitalia with images that looked phallic or yonic, typically food,” Giulia said. “This slowly evolved into me looking for any images that resembled a female body, which was then refined into me looking for only architectural images that resembled the female form.”

Giulia is a 27-year-old artist from Florida, who currently resides in Brooklyn. Growing up she felt uncomfortable about her body image. She wanted to be tall and skinny because that is what magazines and TV and movies and adverts sold as the perfect female form. This anxiety carried on into her twenties until one day, “about 2–3 years ago, [..] I started to say, “fuck this shit! I will never have this type of body, and I’m going to embrace the softness that is me’.” Her view now is “fuck a beauty standard: just be you.”

The of her work are provocative, some might say shocking yet certainly powerful and erotically charged. Sex it seems is everywhere but especially in our minds.