Complex Architectural Pastries by Dinara Kasko

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Following her past success of her geometric treats, pastry chef Dinara Kasko continues to create stunning cakes rooted in mathematics and geometry. Using the skills she acquired while working as an architect, Kasko designs desserts that combine experimental sculpture with precise methods of construction.

The partnership between artist Jose Margulis and architect cum pastry chef Dinara Kasko consists of cake versions of Margulis’ structural artworks, showing the constructive qualities of the pieces in a totally new and creative medium.

Employing algorithmic tools and complex diagramming techniques, Kasko is able to design and fabricate cakes aesthetically reminiscent of 3D graphs, geometric models, and avant-garde sculptures. In order to perfect her craft and produce a diverse collection of cakes, Kasko teams up with an eclectic range of professionals, including mathematicians, scientists, and sculptors. No matter the inspiration or collaboration, however, each of Kasko’s creations has one thing in common: her desire to “make something interesting and fresh.”

The Kinetic Tarts are made from a combination of typical cake ingredients in the base layers and thin, specially designed sheets of chocolate on top. Those chocolate pieces were cut with an industrial machine also used on architectural modelling. The silicon molds for the chocolate are made using 3D-imaging software from Autodesk called 3ds Max, another program used frequently by artists and architects when building their models.