Inverted Pyramid House

Balancing on a rural hillside in the Spanish region of Matarraña, the Inverted Pyramid House seems to defy the laws of gravity. This inverted pyramid cutting into a hill in rural Spain is a mind-bending villa that offers epic views of the surrounding forest and the swimming pool below, in a shape that you wouldn’t expect. The residence was designed as a thought-provoking way to reinvent how homes interact with their environment.

The Solo Houses project aims at reinventing the idea of the secondary house. Twelve architects were asked to express their creativity in a huge estate in Matarraña in Spain. On this occasion, the Japanese architects of Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima /TNA imagined this surprising pyramidal house.

Large windows draw natural light into the interior and provide views of the forest. Three bedrooms occupy the top floor. These private quarters are connected to the main living areas via a lounge. Different heights and sloping exterior walls make the space feel more spacious and airy. This layout also allows the light from the windows to reach the furthest corners of the interior.

Earlier renderings see an outdoor pool mimicking the structure’s geometric form, while current plans show a centrally located pool with direct passages to the three bedrooms.