Hilariously Named Soap Bars

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How long has it been since you’ve had a good laugh? How about a nice long shower where you get squeaky clean? How long has it been since you did both those things at the same time? There are many ways to make bathing more enjoyable, but the quirky bar soaps of Whiskey River Soap Co. might be the best one yet.

Whiskey River Soap Co. is dedicated to calling out life’s awkward encounters and conventions using a medium you wouldn’t expect: bar soap. The most common product used for cleaning the body is soap. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and some are exclusive to a specific gender and age group. Today, we are going to look at hilarious soaps which will make you want to one for yourself. The Whiskey River Soap Co produces unique soaps which are innovative and amazing.

While you can use the bars of soap for their intended purposes, the labels are so funny we’d probably just display them in our bathrooms as a quirky and unexpected decor item. The cleansers are currently available online, and all are priced at $9. Look ahead for some of our favorites.

The fusion of humor and quality products is the driving force behind Whiskey River’s products. “We think there’s a place for both to exist together,” they write, “and hope you agree.” The bar soap, along with bath bombs and journals, are available in their online shop.