Intricate Paper Models by Lisa Lloyd

The artist Lisa Lloyd needs nothing more than a few sheets of colorful paper and scissors to express her vision. No matter whether a chameleon, a colorful bird or a bouquet of flowers – the British artist manages to conjure the most diverse objects from paper. By doing so, she either makes them as realistic as possible or puts on a playful spin on their appearance.

In 2011 she made a shrimp out of paper and created her first model from this material. Since then, she has worked with various companies and organizations that commissioned her to design paper figures. The Chameleon, for example, was created in collaboration with Changes Bristol, an organization that has been working for more than twelve years to work with mentally impaired people.

Lloyd did a national diploma in graphic design and then a visual communication degree in which she specialised in film and animation. During her final year at University, she became a runner in London for an interactive media company and taught herself After Effects which was cutting edge animation software at the time, and still is.

She was an animator for a few years and then became a music video director. Lloyd enjoyed working with the dops [photography directors], stylists and choreographers, and directed about seven pop videos. She eventually co-owned an animation company called Mr and Mrs Smith in Soho, London where she was creative director and oversaw lots of jobs for advertising, tv title sequences, etc.

Lloyd now works as a freelance designer and illustrator. Though she works across branding, animation and illustration, the focus is on her stunning papercut works and models, which are created by hand and photographed before the images are composited together to create the final piece.

Lisa Lloyd is on Instagram and Vimeo.