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The dream of being a fitness model: millions of followers on Instagram, millions of Dollars on the bank account and several sports cars! People’s opinion on girls like Paige Hathaway might be that it all fell into her lap, just because she looks good and put some sexy photos on the internet. But their opinion is wrong, because Instagrams fitness superstar has worked very long and very hard for her dream.

At 30-years-old, she is one of the top fitness celebrities on social media and thousands of new people click the “follow” button on her accounts every day.

The Rocky Road to Instagram Fame

Paige Marie Hathaway was born on July 31, 1987, in Minnesota. When she was young, Hathaway’s parents divorced, and she was forced to split her time between her parents. Her father was an alcoholic. “We lived in a trailer. We lived on food stamps. Any type of government aid that you could get, my mom had,” Hathaway said.

The custody of young Paige went back and forth between different family members. Her home life remained unstable throughout her childhood. She moved between a foster home and two other families in the span of 12 years. But once she turned 16, Hathaway wanted to take control of her life. A judge granted her the right to emancipate herself.

The beautiful blonde came from a small town in the US state of Oklahoma, a region that is mainly known for its agriculture. While still in school, she discovered her love for strength sport and soon Paige wanted to participate in a competition.

After being approached by a personal trainer in her gym and told about Bikini competitions, Paige began properly educating herself on nutrition. The conversation with the trainer had left her even more motivated to be fit and strong.

During her preparation, the she learned a lot about herself and also had to realize that the original group of friends moved away from her. Parties, alcohol and clubs were simply not part of her lifestyle anymore. At her first competition she was rewarded with second place. From this point on, she realized that she wanted to become a fitness model, to make her passion into her profession.

But Oklahoma is not exactly known as the bodybuilding Mecca, where you are suddenly discovered. Paige decided to take part in further competitions, in order to draw attention to her in the scene. Soon after her first competition she was right back on stage again and competing.

Unfortunately, the then completely unknown young woman only got lower places on her next couple of shows. But instead of giving up on her dream, she was fired up even more and was determined to reaching her goals. Paige created a kind of map with different paths leading to the same destination. She always imagined herself to be a successful model.

Since competitions did not lead her to the desired goal, she took a stab at magazines. She wanted to be on the covers of the biggest and most prestigious fitness magazines and wrote far more than 100 applications to various editorial offices. As no one answered, today’s fitness queen almost lost hope, when suddenly a response from the Woman’s Health magazine came from New York, which invited her to an open casting.

In order to pay the expensive flight, Paige borrowed the necessary money from her family and got on the plane to NYC. Contrary to her expectations, the Women’s Health scouts were delighted by the girl from Oklahoma and wanted to book her. However, she did not have an agency at that time, and this was a requirement to get the job. That is why she introduced herself to an agency recommended by Woman’s Health, but they declined to take her onboard. So this turned out to be another dead end and she went back home.

However, Paige Hathaway did not give up and sought the next opportunity: sponsorship by supplement companies. She wrote, according to her own statements, to all the companies that existed, without ever receiving a single reply. Unfazed by this renewed defeat, the blonde wanted to become an ambassador for platforms such as Bodybuilding.com or Flex. Here she was on the shortlist of representing the different companies, but alas yet again she did not quite make the cut.

One dead end after another, her only chance was to make a name for herself were fitness expos. She booked a cheap flight to Los Angeles to drive to Las Vegas to the Olympia Expo. With her last money she made photos of her containing her name and contact details. She would hand them out at the expo. According to her own statement, she even plastered the bathrooms with her pictures. Certain of having really tried everything, Paige Hathaway went back home. There she continued to train diligently, still holding on to her dream of becoming a famous fitness model.

Suddenly the relatively new company Shredz called and asked for a meeting with her. She was flown to California, was signed and her dream came true. Hathaway was the face of Shredz for three years. Since then Paige Hathaway has become one of the most successful fitness models ever.

According to Paige, whoever wants to be successful, should always keep his or her goal in mind. Instead of giving up, if a path happens to turn out to be a dead end, you should simply take another path to the same goal. The most important thing here is persistence and the willingness to give it all.

Paige on confidence in your own body:

“I think that being healthy is sexy. I think that once you’re healthy and you’re happy, it gives you more confidence. I used to not be confident—I used to put on a dress and not feel like I filled it out. But I love how weight training has just changed my body. Weight training has just guided my life in a better direction. I’m more focused, I’m more confident, my life is just so much better—I feel like I’ve connected the dots. … I’m a huge advocate for women to do weight training. One misconception I’m sure you’ve heard a lot is that if girls go to the gym, they’re going to look manly, they’re going to look bulky, or they’re just not going to look feminine anymore. I think strength training helps your body, and it defines your muscles and gives you a lean physique.”

The Daily Life of Paige Hathaway

With a massive fan base, she’s in the middle of building her own fitness empire. She has a subscription site, creates personalized training programs for clients, carefully selects her endorsements and keeps her followers happy with daily photos and videos. Recently she signed a 1-year deal with two additional one year options with Healthost for an equity stake worth around seven figures.

Her mornings often start with cardio or a yoga class, followed by conference calls at her home office and breakfast. From there, the rest of her day can range from anything to photo shoots to writing blog posts. She’s not all about fitness though — she also manages her own online clothing boutique called Steal my Label. A team of six employees help Hathaway manage her life, social media accounts and websites, all paid for through money earned through lucrative endorsement deals.

Paige usually keeps herself on a strict diet to stay lean all-year-round. She loves red bell peppers and always keeps them around to snack on whenever she might be hungry. She really likes food and tries to come up with healthy versions of classics. She is also known to capital L Love cheese pizza. She also enjoys froyo with sweet and chocolaty toppings.

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As for training, she is is a big advocate of plyometrics whenever she is at home. But as often as she can she will go to the gym and usually train several muscle groups per session. Her favorite exercises revolve around her legs and bottom, which she trains the most. Paige also fits in abs three times a week, on whichever days she feels best. She always ends her workouts – except legs – with 15-35 minutes of steady state cardio, making sure to burn off some extra unwanted calories and keep fit.

“I knew that if you want something you have to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Don’t wait for someone to open the door. Build your own door, make your own entrance and create your own path. Empower yourself and hold yourself accountable.”

At the last count, the social media powerhouse Paige Hathaway has 5.7 million Facebook likes, 4 million Instagram followers, 221,000 Twitter followers and 120,000 Youtube subscribers.