SurfaceONE is the World’s Smartest 2-Axis Motion Control Kit

Edelkrone has just announced the SurfaceONE, a motion control system that can easily capture straight, curved and targeted, and panning shots with precise laser control. Edelkrone is calling it the “world’s smartest 2-axis motion control system.”

In the quest to achieve smooth panning shots for cinematographers everywhere, there are several different methods and tools to use. Usually, if you want to do a targeted curved panning shot around your subject, you would have to set up a track and dolly system. With the advancement in drones, you can now use those for outdoor shots, but what if you wanted something that didn’t require as much space and work indoors?

The Turkish manufacturer Edelkrone just introduced a new and interesting solution to this problem – a small, portable square little remote controlled robot which can carry your camera across any flat surface smoothly and controlled using an app to add motion to videos and movement in timelapses. Adding motion to your videos can help you elevate your work to a professional level.

The SurfaceONE offers a number of different shooting modes, such as Targeted Slide, Free Slide or Auto Pan Mode. And then there’s time lapse, of course. In target mode, a built-in laser pointer determines the correct settings in order to keep your subject dead center while moving.

In Free Slide mode the SurfaceONE will slide as far as you want as long as the surface stays smooth. The third mode, called Auto Pan Mode, enables you to create perfectly controlled pans. All these modes are available for time-lapse shooting, too.

The SurfaceOne will be available around mid September and will cost around $690.