Jellyfish Sculptures in Glass by Daniela Forti

Artist Daniela Forti lives and works in Chianti, Tuscany where she produces these fantastic artworks of dripped glass. She refers to the pieces as “Jellyfish” because of their undulating tentacles that are formed by hand through a melted glass fusion process.

After following a previous path as a decorator of exposition spaces, she approached the concept of “illumination” not only for the lighting itself but at the same time to create truly “luminous sculptures” so to create not illumination objects but “sculpture installations”. Each piece showcases the artist’s innovative methods and interest in light.

Each artistic piece of furniture captures the graceful fluidity and floating nature of the aquatic animals. To create each unique work of art, Forti meticulously employs a unique method of glassworking that blends glass with crystal. Called glass-fusion, this process culminates in the one-of-a-kind glass formations characteristic of Forti’s jellyfish. “Glass-fusion fundamentally means to construct new glass from a solid state, assembling various piece which, upon contact with heat varying from 800 to 850°C, become so fluid as to profoundly meld themselves in an irreversible manner,” she explains on her website. “The cooling process is quite slow in order to permit total reorganization and the recuperation of the molecular stability that the materials possessed before being heated.” It is this combination of creativity with unwavering patience that enables Forti to fabricate exquisite and ethereal works of art.

This fusion technique, following a tenacious and long study which gave birth to a particular process of her own invention termed “multidimensional contemporary art”, from which a new series of art works and sculptures came to life, receiving notable reviews and appreciation for her audacity, both in Italy and abroad. Many examples of her work are on view (and also available) over at Artemest.

via [Colossal]