Pixelated Wooden Snorkeler Sculpted by Hsu Tung Han

Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han recently unveiled his latest sculptural work, a 5-foot snorkeler that appears partially pixelated. Han often incorporates digital glitches into has carved figurative works, a few of which we shared earlier this year.

Manipulating wood into human forms, his works are contemporary masterpieces that are both soothing and puzzling. As is typical of his work, this new sculpture features strategic pixelated blocks emerging from the figurative statue, an old world technique meeting hints of new world technology.

With this piece, Han draws attention to the differing wood blocks within the snorkeler’s body. The slightly different tones and varying wood grains enhance the depth of the contemporary sculpture, as they appear to worm their way out of the body until liberated freely.

You can see more views of this piece and other recent works on Flickr.