Instant Frozen Yogurt with the Wim

Wim Yogurt is trying to make frozen yogurt pods a thing. Succumbing to the demands of impatient foodies and convenience-spoiled diners everywhere, a new appliance is set to offer up single-serve frozen yogurt in just 10 minutes.

Wim Appliance is a minimalist yogurt machine created by New York-based design studio Visibility for Wim, which was invented by Google alum Bart Stein. The yogurt machine is the duo’s first appliance design, and was developed over a period of 18 months. The machine utilizes flash freezing technology that quickly cools yogurt at the push of a button.

The device only handles proprietary yogurt mixes — aka Wim-Bowls — that have freeze-dried cultured dairy and come in various flavors, like passion fruit and brownie batter. Users have to provide their own milk, although the device works with any milk, including almond and coconut. Each bowl ranges from $3.80 to $3.00, depending on how many you order at once, and serves one person.

The machine is quiet, compact, and easy to clean, and creates creamier, smoother, and better tasting yogurt on the spot. The designers wanted to create an appliance that would exist harmoniously with the landscape of other kitchen products, thus using a simple, white rectangular form as the base structure.

“There was an appliance for everything from coffee, to waffles, to soda; we realized there was no appliance for frozen dessert,” Stein said. Wim enlisted engineers from kitchen appliance company OXO, aerospace company Woodward, and Apple to develop the machine, which uses flash freezing technology to produce froyo without refrigerants or pre-cooling.

The Wim will be $299 per unit, which comes with a five-pack of mixes.