Artist Creates Incredible Line Drawings Using his Algorithm

Whether it’s a light painting or a minimalist tattoo, artwork that’s created using a single, continuous line always seems extra special. Sergej Stoppel has developed a way to create stunning, single line drawings that makes the process much easier.

In his free time, Stoppel develops different algorithms. His latest algorithm turns images into drawings made out of one single line. The results are always made with a single line or collection of lines of constant width that can also be drawn with a pen by a plotter.

This style is one of his latest algorithms, it scribbles a drawing of any input image. The algorithm tries to understand the image and divides it into patches with different structures and tone similarities. While making the “drawing” the algorithm dynamically evaluates the image and adjust the drawing path according to the structures in the image (contours etc.) and the tone.

“I loved both arts and mathematics since I was a kid,” he wrote on Etsy. “As a teenager, I received training as an artist. After high school, I finished a Master’s in mathematics. Now, I am working on a Ph.D. in computer sciences where I started LinesLab.”

If you like the look of Sergej’s work, check it out on Facebook and Etsy.