Kiruma Lamp by Simon Strauss

Kiruma is a portmanteau of “kiri” (jap: to cut) and “Luma” (esperanto: light”. Designer Simon Strauss spent three years perfecting a complex 3D design for this lamp.

Simon Strauss always had a fascination with the japanese art of paper cutting – specifically kirigami and origami architecture. Some of the artists that inspire him include Professor Masahiro Chatani, Ingrid Siliakus, and Hary & Deepti. With his background in architecture & product design, he wanted to create something beautiful and also practical, hence the lamp functionality.

He created a foldable landscape scene from a single sheet of high grade A4 paper. As it’s opened, the 3D kirigami technique reveals an elaborate castle floating in the sky. The paper is encased within a decoratively laser cut acrylic frame box, which has a backlight fully integrated, and it can be placed both on vertical and horizontal surfaces. When unplugged, Kiruma can be used as pure decoration, as a tabletop centerpiece. But Kiruma’s main application is when the lights are on, providing nice cozy and warm ambient light.

“The castle in the sky is a subject that I’m personally interested in, probably due to the cartoons and movies I watched during my younger days, and seems to align with the whole idea of Kiruma as something that’s supposed to inspire and bring “magical, dreamy, fantasy” world to the viewers.”, Strauss explained.

Simon Strauss is currently raising funds for the Kiruma lamp production via a Kickstarter campaign.