World’s Longest Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Opens in Switzerland

If you’re afraid of heights, look away. The world’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge has opened to the public in Switzerland, offering adrenaline seekers unprecedented views of Europe’s most famous mountain, the Matterhorn.

Spanning 494 meters, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge cuts the 2-day travel distance between the towns of Zermatt and Grächen by nearly 3 hours. The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge forms part of the Europaweg. Constructed in just 10 weeks by SWISSROPE, the bridge is suspended at 85 meters above the valley floor at its highest point.

This new bridge replaces an older one that was damaged by falling rocks and it’s named after psychologist and winery co-owner charles kuonen — the bridge’s primary sponsor. The bridge is comprised of steel yet is only 60 centimeters wide. Because the footstep surface is grated, it is possible to look below and view the Grabengufer ravine as one walks.

The bridge, which opened Saturday, is specifically “for hikers with no fear of heights,” according to a news release by local travel agency Zermatt Tourism. “The thrill of traversing the precipice is indescribable,” the agency wrote.

All images by Europaweg