The Wall House with a Stunning Glass Bottom Pool

A stunning luxury villa on Portugal’s Estoril Coast inspired by the timeless beauty of its setting, the Wall House residence seeks to embrace rather than compete with nature. Its bold design, sleek lines and elegantly simple interiors focus attention outwards on the natural elements of the surrounding landscape.

The Wall House in Cascais, a coastal town in an area known as the Portuguese Riviera, is an 11,840-square-foot home made with concrete, wood, and glass—and boasts a pair of large swimming pools on two levels. Designed by José Guedes Cruz, César Marques, and Marco Marinho of the Portugal-based firm Guedes Cruz Architects, The Wall House is laid out in an open-box plan, and is fitted with plenty of glass windows to enhance the synergy between its interior and exterior spaces.

An exquisitely contemporary sculpture of modern architecture, this luxury residence is distinguished by its synthesis of two pools bisecting each other. The ground level pool is overlapped with one floating above distinguished by a glass bottom making you feel like you’re swimming in the air.

Designed as a bridge-like structure, the pool on the upper level hovers above the patio and cross section of the ground-level pool. Guedes Cruz Arquitectos fitted the pool with a glass bottom, creating a surreal visual effect, where swimmers above can look down at those in the pool below, and vice versa.

All images by Ricardo Oliveira Alves