The Tokyoiter Magazine Covers

Two creatives based in Tokyo have taken their love for The New Yorker’s iconic illustrated covers and added a Japanese twist. The Tokyoiter continues to impress us with spectacular faux-magazine covers that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of what makes Tokyo such a bustling metropolis.

Since 1925, The New Yorker has graced newsstands with its conceptually clever and creatively illustrated magazine covers. The Tokyoiter pays hommage to the original in style and conception. UK-born illustrator Andrew Joyce and French art director David Robert started the faux publication “The Tokyoiter” in early 2016. Since launching with just 3 covers, the archive has now grown to 30.

The two invite artists living and working within Tokyo to share their vision of the city. Each Japanese cover retains several of the original magazine’s familiar features. From its recognizable, stylized typeface and straightforward composition. The Tokyoiter perfectly preserves the distinctive look and layout of The New Yorker‘s well-known cover art.

Joyce and Robert explained, “Some of us are illustrators and some are just living in Tokyo, a wonderful city full of stories and daily inspiration. We want to celebrate the passion for this city and its inhabitants’ [stories].”

“We hope that each cover will be a testimony of what makes Tokyo such a fascinating place to live [in] and experience. We are sure that with this tribute to The New Yorker traditional cover art and The Parisianer, we can both celebrate illustration, cartooning, drawing, design, creativity… and Tokyo.”

The project was showcased recently in an exhibition that was held in Tokyo. You can also follow “The Tokyoiter” on Instagram and Twitter.

Cover by Niikura Sachiyo
Cover by Justine Wong
Cover by 市川リョウコ – Ryoko Ichikawa
Cover by Alessandro Bioletti
Cover by Aiko Sago
Cover by YamanoteYamanote
Cover by Fern Choonet
Cover by 進藤 恵子 – Shindo Keiko