Making Ideas to Reality with Andrew Kow

Andrew Kow’s approach towards photography is surreal and artistic. When he has an idea that can’t achieve directly in camera he will create the image with the help of Photoshop, shooting all live elements by himself if possible, without using any computer generated images.

Andrew Kow is a photography enthusiast since high school with his first point and shoot digital camera. When he was a kid in 90s always fascinated about computer game and graphics. After high school, he studied and majored in 3D Animation at college, from there he learnt about art and design. Now with his nearly 10 years of compositing experience in the advertising industry, he is not only making a living from it but also doing off-work photography in personal life as a passion. His creativity mostly comes from his daily life experience and surrounding circumstances.

Check out his website to stay up to date with his work.